‘Redeemed Vessels’ – Transforming what might be discarded…

These vessels are slowly and lovingly created from recycled paper, before being transformed with texture, ethereal painted surfaces, script and gold leaf.

‘Let your light shine into all the world’

The Japanese have an old tradition of mending broken pottery with gold. I’ve sought to personify this tradition as part of the inspiration for the theme ‘Redeemed Vessels’.

The gold is actually stronger and of higher value than the pottery itself, so I’d say the final piece has become all the more precious on every level because of the mending. What might have been discarded, has instead had care and attention poured into it whilst being uniquely transformed and made whole – a new creation in fact. I like the reminder that a precious strength and beauty can come out of the broken places in our lives. Each of us carry rich experiences of joy and sorrow, and allowing our true selves to be seen as well as sharing the restorative journey, reveals an authentic shining glory we can all connect with.

I often use gold in my work representing the presence of God’s Love, so I’m really flowing with this theme as I’ve received so much inner healing and transformation in my own life. I think it’s amazing that nothing in our lives is wasted when put into the Creator’s hands… then we truly are redeemed vessels!

‘We hold great treasure in brokenness’

‘Strength and beauty in the broken places’

16 thoughts on “‘Redeemed Vessels’ – Transforming what might be discarded…

  1. Nothing.. nothing, is wasted. Redemption is a beautiful thing in every form. Love your art and what you have created here with it.


  2. Thanks Anita. 🙂 It’s beautiful how God brings this precious piece into our lives, taking us out of the most despicable places into a glorious place. (I tear up)

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  3. I love these, Anita. I’ve been struck by the theme of gold mending cracks in this season of life as well… so powerful. Beautiful execution in your pieces.

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    • Thank you so much Wendy,I’m glad you like them…I really enjoy the time creating the vessels. And yes I do sell them. They are from £22 -£95 depending on size, and whether or not they have script and real gold leaf added. They range from approx 10cm diameter – 30cm diameter. I’m about to update with a few more images too, which will probably go onto my Facebook page first if you’d like to keep an eye out over the next few days. FB – Anita Collier’s Artworks. Feel free to email or message me if you’d like to know more. Thanks for your encouragement 🙂


  4. Really lovely work. The symbolism behind kintsugi is so powerfully meaningful—that our scars make us who we are and are indeed . . . golden. Thanks for the fine piece! Peace! (Hehe. See what I did?!) – DDM


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