Gallery 1

Anita’s work is often narrative and inspired by beauty, offering glimpses of another world that whispers to the heart.

4 thoughts on “Gallery 1

  1. Hi my daughter who is the administrator of engage church Plymouth. recently sent me the card of ‘awakened’ as a new home card as it so perfectly portrays the wind blown trees in west Cornwall. She bought it at a Christian women’s conference. I see that the original is for sale or maybe it is a print. What is the price please

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    • Hi Cheryll, good to hear you like this painting… I bet those West Cornwall trees are particularly wind blown right now! Yes that original painting is still available for sale. And the original also has some gold leaf flecks within it which you can’t see in the picture on screen. I’m amazed you found me on here, as trouble with website has meant I’ve had a go at creating this wordpress blog site but haven’t actually told people yet, so how encouraging!

      I’ll email me you the details. x


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