The sky continues to inspire me. There are moments when I catch my breath in wonder and wish I could hold on to that moment for longer. The vastness of the sky brings perspective to the detail of my everyday life. I enjoy drawing attention to the amazing creation of light and colour, which is ever changing in magnificence, yet faithfully constant.

I hope to capture a glimpse of this beauty in my paintings and inspire others to look upward.

4 thoughts on “Sky

    • Hello Valerie, well I guess all is possible if I have good enough quality photographs of them…. it’s more a matter of the effort, time and cost of production and reason for doing it. NB I do have prints available of some of my sky paintings if you are interested in particular ones. Thanks for your encouragement and enquiry. Please do email me to discuss your thoughts further. I’d be interested to have more understanding as to your thinking. x


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